Sneeze In Elevator Prank Fail

Watch as the guys from DM Pranks get an ugly surprise when a man becomes enraged about their joke. He doesn’t find it amusing and explodes at the end.

Science Experiment Fail

Hey Thats Mike presents “Science Fail”. Take a look at what happens when a science experiment goes wrong. The reaction to this failed experiment is...

Epic Twerk Fail

Watch as Caitlin Heller owns the internet trying to make a sexy video for her boyfriend. Instead, she ended up with the “Worst Twerk Fail Ever”. Probably, thanks to Caitlin’s video, the “Don’t Drink and Twerk” campaign will begin...

Awkward Failed Marriage Proposal

This marriage proposal fail is one of the best that I have seen. From the beginning when it is interrupted by a kiddie train, things steadily go down...

Top 5 DIY Fails

Jukin Video presents this great compilation video of Do It Yourself fails. By trying to save money, people take on the tasks of DIY projects but sometimes the results are not always what they expect.